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Parakeet is one of the medium sized species of parrot, it has another familiar name called budgerigar. These colorful birds are very fidgety, playful and usually shout a lot. So, those who love to pet birds, usually adopt a parakeet at the beginning as they require very low maintenance.

Origin – where are parakeets from?

-These birds originated from the southern and topical part of the world (Australia),mailny central australia. John Gould and his wife first bought them in Europe (1838).The Australian government instituted a strict ban on the export of parakeets in 1894. As most of the parakeets in the United States are from captive breed stock, number can be as much as 45 million.

How to take care of a parakeet ?

Parakeets are very social, intelligent, smart and very emotional. They enjoy to spend time with their owner. They easily develop bonds with their owners and and love to spend time with them. For their longer timespan and recreation, they expect a lot of care and good bond. Usually they spend time by playing with each other.


Physical details and life cycle


16-20cm/ 6-8 inch


25-30 cm/10-12 inch





Sexual Maturity

3-5 months

Full Maturity

8 months

Number of Eggs


Incubation period

18 days

Life Span

6-12 years, Depends on caring

Male bird sign

Solid blue skin around nostrils

Female bird sign

Brown/white skin around nostrils

 ColorsTwo basic color  (Blue and Green), combination can vary from grey to cobalt


Very active, social 

male budgie  Male parakeet

female budgie

       Female parakeet

Parakeet foods:  Most of the parakeet birds are easy to maintain and they require good pet foods. These foods are available in market and have good supply, the price of these items are affordable.

Food item includes packet foods (pellets), seeds, leafy vegetables, fruits. Eggs can also be provided once in a week. Leafy vegetables should be be served 2-3 times per week.

Entertainment products:    These birds are very active and friendly. They love to play and shout early in the morning. Some entertaining activity can be supported by providing playing items.

Nesting  At the time of breeding, these female birds usually go to the nest and try to stay as long as it can stay. When breeding is over , female parakeet usually comes out again and try to feed it’s little babies. So, it’s a must to provide a good nesting house for their breeding.

Some Must have items for parakeets (cage, food, toys etc ).

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